Web Maintenance (Hourly Rate)


Website Maintenance Services (Hourly Rate)

Do you have a website that needs frequent maintenance such as update text, artwork, pages and even products? Let us handle this for you. We provide hourly maintenance services so all you’ll need to do is provide the content and we’ll take care of the rest!

Product Description

What this package includes:

  • Replacing & Updating Content (i.e. Pages, Posts, Text, Images, Social Links)
  • Adding New Content (i.e. Pages, Posts, Text, Images, Social Links)
  • Revising & Updating existing Products in Store
  • Adding New Products to existing Store (Maximum of 1 New Product)

What we need from you:

  • Access to admin section of website
  • Any new content needing to be updated on website

Please Note:

  • Purchasing this package is the equivalent of purchasing one hour of production time.
  • Please be sure that your required domain is hosted with us
  • If you’re unsure, please Contact Us or Request a Quote so we can determine this together.


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